My legs will not like me tomorrow.

Nor will my abs. Upper body muscles in general will address me with a certain malaise.

I got up early, albeit tired, and – with a certain degree of resignation – I went to the KnuckleUp Fitness gym on Roswell Road. I used to have a gym membership at their Midtown location two years or so ago. That gym closed down a while ago, but it was close to my office at the time. Convenience, people: it’s not a bad thing.

Guy on the left: sooo not me; guy on the right: that's more like it.

Fast-forward to my new job at Tribe. New gig equals new digs, digs that happen to be two exits from KnuckleUp. Sweet.

So I guess I have no excuse not to go. So I did. Last Friday. Then today with an old friend. She dug it, so looks like we’ll be kicking boxes come this Friday, too.

For more on the big fun I’ve had with KnuckleUp, check out this or maybe this.

I think I’ll keep kicking and sucking wind.