I'm nowhere near this far into the book.

Consider this an invitation to join in the read-along of Seth Godin’s Linchpin — Are You Indispensible?  This marks Heavy Mental’s first (and last, depending on how this fares) read-along.  The idea is simple: Grab a copy, read, comment, lather, rinse, repeat.

"Yes, we're all individuals!"

I agree with a fellow editor when she said she was “pretty skeptical about corporate self-help books.”  Yet, the book came recommend.  Plus, I find that there can be good in everything, if you look hard enough. Dub me an optimistic realist: I see the glass half-full, even if I’ll be the one to wash it.

With such a cheeky, sunshiny outlook, I started reading.  And I invite you to join in, comment, comment on the comments, or just keep reading the posts and comments without cracking the book at all.

And as always, enjoy the blog.