Heavy Mental readers, I love you.  But I’ve found myself spending time writing for two other blogs.  I think you’d enjoy them, but you can’t read them — directly at least.  Sorry, but no can do.

You see, one blog is a collaborative effort, written from the perspective of a single female.  And I’m neither.  We’ve got four writers, each of whom is a fine writer in his or her own right.  We’re a disparate bunch — making our individual content come through in a unified voice makes for a challenge.  But that’s fun for writers. 

Regardless of the input, the content is uniformly helpful, real, and — dare I say — inspiring.  It’s fuel for life, no matter your personal upholstery.  

As contributors, we’re staying anonymous, but let’s just say that if you scan WordPress and look for Lightgirl10, you may recognize a familiar style.  Just saying.

The other blog is a tag-teamed, internal editorial salvo.  A blog about editing.  In the context of a multinational firm.  Before you write it off as about as fun as a trip to the DMV, lemme say this: it’s fun regardless. 

Seriously.  It’s like Rosencrantz and Gildenstern with something worthwhile to say.  And if Rosencrantz and Gildenstern weren’t buffoons.  Well, OK, it’s not much like Rosencrantz and Gildenstern aside from the knowledge of Shakespearean literature — a topic into which we’ve yet to foray.

Besides our collective quirky humor, which peppers our content like ubiquitous red cups at a frat party, we’ve posted images like the one to the right. 

I’ll let you know if it gets pulled, but until then, our buzzword is forgiveness, not permission.  And to think I used to work in a corporation that blocked access to blogs a dicto simpliciter.

Regardless of whether I’m collaborating on content as a virtual SWF or a-bloggin’ on yonder side of the corporate firewall, I’ll stay true to you, Heavy Mental readers.