In our home, we don’t watch a slew of programs on the boob tube, save some quality cartoons, nature programs, and—I’ll admit it—Dancing with the Stars. (OK, OK…I sneak in a little UFC now and again after bedtime!) Watching less TV is a matter of choosing to spend time with each other; eschewing the marketing waves, flooding our living room every few minutes; and manifesting our commitment to nurturing our son.

Time spent as a family is never time wasted. Be it around the table, in the garden, at the beach…it’s worth while.

I found a great article that supported the importance of limiting kids’ “boob-tubery” and—in a perpendicular way—the importance of increasing dialogue with youth. Check it out!

What’s more, as a linguist and writer, I’m a word geek, English and otherwise. Despite my misspellings and limited vocabulary, I do enjoy words. The study postulated, interestingly (tellingly?) enough, that this may explain earlier studies showing limited vocabulary development in youngsters who watch a lot of TV.

No duh.