Sometimes the question, “What form of writing should my ideas take?” is the kind of question we as writers need to ask of our writing.

While pursuing my communications and rhetoric degree at Oglethorpe University, I was fortunate enough to have a local poet of no little renown as my instructor. One kernel of wisdom she imparted to us orbited around the idea of our writings’ form. As with most great things we learn, it came in the form of a question, not an absolute answer.

“What form of writing should our ideas take?” she asked not so much as prompted.

Are the ideas we seek to convey through the written word best presented as novels? Or are they more effective as flash fiction? Perhaps you can reduce that short story down to a few paragraphs. To go in the opposite direction, can that sestina blossom into an epic poem?

To make this decision, why not let the writing answer for us? I have some fine ideas for novels…perhaps I should tackle them on a smaller—and more feasible—scale as short stories. It certainly solves the problem of time, and it might yield works I enjoy, which convey my ideas sufficiently. And perhaps last year’s couplet scribbled on the yellow Post-It slapped to the side of your monitor deserves some attention and steroids.

Maybe a simple blog can turn into a summer blockbuster. Try it out, it could change the way you see your writing and help develop you as a writer.