I found myself needing to write earlier this morning.

Ever felt that? It wasn’t a yearning, but I really wanted to do it. Perhaps you can say I had a hankering. I’d drop hankering‘s “g” and add an apostrophe, but that might render it unintelligible for some of my readers west of the Mississippi. Let’s say I wanted to write bad.

I’ve a full day ahead and a full morning behind, but regardless, I want to encourage everyone to take a few moments to write something completely unrelated to work or studies. This isn’t to run contrary to your task at hand. Quite the contrary to the contrary, it gets me juiced to take on whatever the day brings.

It’s a compository cup of coffee. A mental massage. A syntactical stretch-out. It does a body, mind, and sanity good.

OK, people, back to work.