I love irony and satire, but sometimes things are just so ironic that they fail to illicit a grin. Such was the case on April 2.

Many of you know about my April Fool’s gag about being deployed to Afghanistan. I’m amazed by the number of people who believed me—bear in mind, the joke wasn’t meant in a disrespectful way. In fact, in another set of circumstances, I could very well see myself in the USMC Reserve, or easily in the Corps, itself.

The fact of the matter is the very next day, we received an email informing us of my brother-in-law’s imminent departure to Germany and then to Afghanistan.

Sheesh. Talk about timing.

Now, he’s a career Army guy—been such for about a decade. So, this is what he wants. So, more power to him. I wish him well and look forward to sharing BBQ ribs, lumpia, rice, and beer with him and the family in Elgin, Ill., when he comes home.

If you’ve the time or inclination, say a prayer for Aram Mesina, my brother-in-law.