First things first: To everyone who responded to yesterday’s post, I offer a belated Happy April Fool’s Day. I am not shipping off to Afghanistan, nor are Carmen and Gabriel moving to Chicago. Notably, however, the quip about the Athens and Alaska tax-funded projects is true; unfortunately, these are items taken directly from the omnibus spending bill.

I also offer my apologies to my duped family and friends. Concurrently, I offer my heartfelt thanks for your kind thoughts, phone calls, and offers to help pack.

And—in some cases—congratulations on duping me right back.

Backyard Veggies
The garden preparations have started! After a rainy week, Gabriel and I have staked out the plot for the 2009 Hambrick Organic Farm. A much brighter parcel than last year’s, our small bit of earth is now marked off and clear of the grass, moss, dandelions, clover, violets, and other green occupants formerly enjoying their place in the sun.

Gramma and Uncle Steve are on their way to Decatur for a few days, during which time we’ll get her expert advice on planting and other yard wisdom. She’s a wellspring if gardening wisdom. Thankfully, Gabriel is following her (and our) lead in enjoying the outdoors; he loves to get his fingernails dirty. It’s good for him. It’s good for everyone.

Finding the non-biodegradable detritus—wire, plastic, pop-tops, aluminum, glass—buried in the yard proved a good lesson on responsibility: If you don’t take care of something properly, someone else will have to. I couched it in the idea of “cleaning things.” Gabriel and I talked about throwing things away versus recycling what we can. He said God is happy that he’s cleaning up. I told him I was, too.