I have some news to share with you, my dear family and friends.  It turns out that my Marine Corps Reserve status changed to active.  What that means is that I will be deploying to Afghanistan on April 11th.  I was hoping to not leave before April 15–you know, so I could have the satisfaction of mailing my taxes in person–but that won’t happen.  At least, I know it’ll be put to good use. Sure it will be a drop in the pool of spending that our currently elected officials have created.

But it gives me pride that my tax dollars will be part of some fiscally responsible and economically stimulating project like the $100,000 going toward the Global Undersea Research Unit, University of Alaska Fairbanks Robotic Exploration Technologies in Astrobiology or perhaps $2.427 MM in Athens, Ga., for the Southeastern Poultry Research Laboratory.

I will sleep well, knowing our nation is rebuilding whilst I’m sweating bullets literally and figuratively thousands of miles away.

Anyways, I will have to start taking kickboxing classes 5 days a week instead of my normal 3 in order to get in shape.  In addition, I’ve got to be sure my M19-11A1 is combat ready and my Ka-bar is sharpened.  Now if only I could find my desert boots…I’m sure I will before I step onto that C-130 in two weeks!

On the home front, we could use some help packing.  Not for me, but for Carmen and Gabriel.  You see, Carmen and Gabriel will be moving too. I’ll have to send them up to Chicago to live with her parents while I’m deployed. Sure she thought she escaped the cold, but while she’s in winter weather below 0°, it’ll be above 120°F for me!

As I start my countdown to my departure, I’ve come to appreciate each and every day. Enjoy April 1, everybody. It only comes once a year.