I kickbox. That is not to say I’m a kickboxer. I can’t do a split, nor do I have the desire to get my butt handed back to me in competition, at least not yet. But it sure gets you in shape. Heck, I thought I was signing up for a stress-relieving box-kicking class. I should have known by the name of the gym—Knuckleup Fitness—that they had other ideas in mind. Get a membership…you won’t regret it.

On my mind is a spiritual, maybe mental concept that stems from this two-month-old hobby of mine.

There’s a way of thinking to which I subscribe that goes like this: Spirit first, Minds follows, and Body affixed. In a sentence, things originate from the spiritual aspect/realm, flow to and through the mental (astral in some circles) aspect/realm, and manifest in the physical aspect/realm. It’s not too far out there, really. Many faiths teach this and science proves it, save talk and study of the spiritual aspect. In sum, what happens in the spiritual aspect manifests in both the mental and physical aspects.

Concurrently, there’s a parallel train of thought. The course can run in the opposite direction. Think of monks doing aesthetic practices and trainings. Chanting under waterfalls in the winter in search of enlightenment. Shaolin martial arts forms practiced to develop physical and mental power.

Shift to the present. In my physical training—kickboxing, with a Muay Thai elbow or two—I am training my physical body. I’ve lost about 10 pounds in two months. My pants aren’t fitting. My muscles are toning. My wife is noticing. My son is imitating me. My technique is becoming second nature, though I’ve a long way to go. I’m thrilled at this, but what amazes me is the sharpening of my mind, focus, and willpower. Beyond the physical results, the mental shift is tangible.

Accordingly, I’m feeling like I’m making more progress in my spiritual training. So, while I’ve tremendous experiences with the Spirit->Mind->Body principle, I’m finding that there’s something to be said for the contrary.

Now watch out as I super-punch this post into the blogosphere. P-P-POW!