I could tell you the ad idea I just had pop into my mind, but then I’d have to snuff you.

Where do they come from? Seriously! I have some thoughts about intuition and where that comes from, but that’ll have to wait.

For me, there’s no telling when things will hit me, when ideas rocket toward me and nail my psyche like a laser hitting the moon. When do ideas strike you most? For me, it’s generally when I feel with it.

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance there’s a relevant passage about ideas hitting us out of the blue. Robert Pirsig writes about the mathematician Poincaré experiencing somewhat of the same thing:

(don’t drop off at the mention of math…keep reading…)

I, for one, have experienced such moments of what I call intuition—that’s the marginalia partially visible in the first passage. Reading what Pirsig wrote, I felt some confirmation that this wasn’t weird or uncommon. Further, it leads me to think that if a French mathematician living a century ago and I, a writer living in the digital age, can experience the same thing when it comes to “coming up with” quality ideas about our respective pursuits, then perhaps this is a universal experience.

Pretty deep for a blog, but worthy of future discussion. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this.

<more to come>