The weather this past weekend being what it was, we opted to grill out. I love it…throw some meat on the grill (sizzle sizzle sizzle) and breathe it in. Ah…makes me grateful for my position on the food chain. Not to be outdone, the veggies that followed the hot dogs and burgers were fantastic. Red bell peppers and zucchini slices…mmm. And if you’ve never prepared onions on the grill in their own aluminum sauna and bathed in butter, well, let’s just say your grill has yet to realize its potential.

We went for the natural hardwood charcoal instead of the chemical-filled briquettes I grew up on. For what they lack in their ease/speed of lighting, they make up for with an even heat and a natural aroma, which leaves your food better tasting. After the din-din was done, we set a seasoned pot roast over the coals and let it slow cook for about two hours. Can’t wait for dinner tonight.

After while the grub was cooking, Gabriel handed me one of two small brooms he uses to clean up the porch. We paraded around acting like they were flags for a while and then he did something pretty surprising. He challenged me to a light saber battle. Not just any light saber battle; Luke versus Darth Vader. He opted for the Darth persona. Oh boy.

Beside the glowing embers and occasional sparks flying from the grill, we clashed in immortal combat. It was reminiscent of the Luke vs. Darth melee in the red glow of the carbon freezing chamber. After popping him on the head and posterior a few times, he instructed me that the point was not to actually hit your opponent, but rather to hit your broom…er, light sabers together. Makes sense to me. It only real combat were so much fun and less destructive…

The combat escalated to standing at opposite ends of the yard and charging each other (more accurately, charging each other’s broom) and then continuing our respective charges to the other side of the yard. I couldn’t help but see the similarity to kendo—Japanese fencing, of sorts—notable for the extended follow-through after a strike.

After a few passes, I asked Gabriel if he recalled watching the sport on TV in Japan, something we did one afternoon while mama was attending a lecture at Suza. Nope, he said. Well, maybe not, but the parallels in our game and the sport itself were striking, no pun intended. Maybe he’s remembering something from a past life. Regardless, it was a blast.

And dinner was fantastic.