What’s this blog’s title from? Yes, The Matrix. And believe it or not, it has a lot to do with how I maintain my focus, direction…and, yes, blood pressure in the sunny world of GMAC Insurance Copywriting. And it applies to you, too, methinks.

You see, I work in a department that produces Direct Mail, which is—in an extremely simplified and unflatteringly dubbed nutshell—what the great majority of us outside the industry refer to as “unsolicited junk mail.”

There. I said it…hope I have a job tomorrow.

Let me say, too, that it is, surprisingly, creative at times and certainly engaging of one’s faculties. Which leads me back to our title: “There is No Spoon.”

Dropping that title in the context of our operation serves as a reminder of how to manage the 40 hours a week I’m here. When things hit the fan…and they do hit the fan, it’s usually serious. Presses literally do stop. Direct mail pieces are literally scrapped by the thousands. Profits literally plummet.

When the above and other lesser circumstances manifest, you have a choice: You can either accept the error and roll with it, or you can flip out. I choose the former.

In the end, when a mistake is made, it’s not the end of the world. So I don’t act like it. I do whatever I can to correct it and then move on. Such is life.

Back to the spoon…the way it seems to me is that all this, all of what’s around us, every last bit of what we can experience—see, taste, smell, touch, hear—it’s secondary. I try not to limit myself by what my senses tell me.

Accordingly, as crises come up—an error on a direct mail piece, for example—I make efforts to react accordingly, but always bear in mind that such an experience is not the defining reason for my existence. Further, such an experience—any experience gleaned from the five senses—is not the ultimate reality.

I suppose this could get deeper into what is the ultimate reality. But that’s subjective. But this is my blog. And perhaps we’ll get into that another time. For now, I’ve to contend with proofreading advertisements that will send the earth spinning off its axis if the legal disclaimers aren’t watertight.