(You don’t need to know anything about Filipinos and the culture to enjoy this post…but it might help with an cultural inside joke or two.)

With my wife being Filipina and myself being…not Filipino, we’re a statistic known as a multicultural marriage.  I dig that–kinda saw it coming.  In my younger years, my friends would quip that I’d court a girl as long as she wasn’t white.  

Regardless of the combo, these kinds of unions are always so rich.  You learn about each other, about yourself.  And what’s best is that your kids have an expansive heritage that spans two traditions.  

And these marriages are not without their share of surprises.  Ours is certainly not. One thing I find amusing is the apparent Filipino tradition of having a giant wooden fork and spoon set mounted up on the wall.  What’s up with that?  I mean, tacky home furnishings aside, you’d think someday some Filipino would wake up and say, “Oy, why do we have giant, unusable cutlery over the kitchen table?”  

As far as it’s my wife’s heritage, it’s mine.  So someday, perhaps in the distant future, we’ll follow the tradition in our own way, in the form of a giant, wooden spork.

Mahal kita, everybody.